Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thinking about voicethread

I have starting reading books on the D.C.F. list in the past week. (For more information on this statewide book award for grades 4-8, visit the official site at

During the year, I will probably read one or more of the books on this list to my class during read aloud, but many of my students will be reading these books independently, at their own pace throughout the year. I don't know much about using, but this is a tool I have been wanting to learn about. I am thinking about having students use the iPad to create voice recordings and post them to a DCF voicethread I set up for the class. This may be another way to get dialogue going about the books they will be reading.

Voice thread requires Flash Player 7.0 or higher, but Flash Player is not available for the iPad. Gee, that stinks! Here I was all set with what I hoped was a great idea, but it looks like no dice. (Raise your hand if you knew I was going to hit this snag when you read the previous paragraph. I am sure my two personal tech gurus have their hands up and are probably chuckling at my ignorance right about now.)

Could we create a podcast instead? I have a lot to learn...


  1. It's coming to an iPad near you soon.

  2. Good to hear! It is a full time job staying on top of new developments in the tech world so I am happy for the tips.

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  5. Had some connectivity issues but here goes .... AGAIN!

    "If you build it they will come," (they meaning developers) definitely holds true in the tech world. VT for iPad should be available by the fall of this year. I have used VT with younger students so it will be interesting to see what your older kiddos will bring to it. Starting to wish I could play along with you.